Negotiation is part of our daily lives. Between companies, within departments and individual people. Everyone has their own way of negotiating and it is not always easy to remain effective. The solution seems to become increasingly difficult to achieve. Extra support can be desirable.


Support for example in:
  • Dealing with your own behavior: How can you remain business-like, keep your distance?
  • Dealing with the other person’s behavior: How do you deal with obstinacy and manipulation?
  • Dealing with styles: How do you relate to time-pressure or aggression?
  • Dealing with interests: How can you increase your creativity in finding solutions?
  • Dealing with recovery: How do you safeguard your integrity?


It often helps to make a clear plan and to hone the skills (further) to be able to execute the plan effectively. Rembt tcm can be of service here through providing training, taking care of a coaching project or as a mediator. If you would like to know more, please contact Rembt tcm.



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