Cooperation is something that we, in principle, take for granted but that, in practice, often appears to be less manageable than we accounted for. We experience that the other does not cooperate, while all the time it is evident what needs to happen. If relationships and content are confused, cooperation can come under pressure. Support can then be desirable.


Support for example in:
  • Dealing with your own behavior: How can you communicate your message?
  • Dealing with the other person’s behavior: What are you inclined to do if tension rises?
  • Dealing with styles: How do you get someone to listen?
  • Dealing with interests: How do you deal with tension within a team?
  • Dealing with recovery: How do you maintain your safety?


It often helps to make a clear plan and to hone the skills (further) to be able to execute the plan effectively. Rembt tcm can be of service here through providing training, taking care of a coaching project or as a mediator. If you would like to know more, please contact Rembt tcm.



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