Conflict management

In a conflict, different matters often come together. It is not easy to see the situation in the correct light. And to think in terms of solutions for all the parties. Relationships are scrutinized. Being on the same side becomes standing diametrically opposed to each other.


In such a period, support can be desirable to remain effective in the situation that has arisen and to always be properly prepared for the next step to the solution. Support for example in:

  • Dealing with your own behavior: How can you remain kind while the other is being unfair?
  • Dealing with the other person’s behavior: How to deal with power, unfairness and distrust?
  • Dealing with styles: How can you switch styles smoothly?
  • Dealing with interests: What is your relationship with regard to the opposing interests?
  • Dealing with recovery: How do you repair the original contact?


It often helps to make a clear plan and to hone the skills (further) to be able to execute the plan effectively. Rembt tcm can be of service here through providing training, taking care of a coaching project or as a mediator. If you would like to know more, please contact Rembt tcm.



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