Types of support

Rembt Sickinghe can provide support in 3 different ways: as a trainer, as a coach or as a mediator. He does this in four spheres of activity: conflict management, negotiation, cooperation and leadership.

Choice of approach

Work can be undertaken in any sub-area. But of course these can be connected or become connected. A phased approach that integrates the different methods is of course just one of the possibilities. The specific situation, in combination with the people and the personal objectives determine the basis of the approach to the spheres of activity. For a brief explanation of this, you can click on the links for the various components. For more information regarding an integrated approach, personal contact is a logical step. My contact details are here. I would be pleased to speak to you.



Rembt Sickinghe
Westersingel 106
3015 LD Rotterdam
Phone +31 6 24345916

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