Rembt Sickinghe is an NMI Register Mediator and an ADR International Register Full Certified Mediator and coaches parties in conflicts: stranded cooperations, upset working relationships, employer/employee problems, board/management, board/partnership, partnerships themselves, and team leader/team member.


In mediation, those involved want to reach a solution without the interference of a judge. Mediation is free of form and voluntary. And anyone may, at any time, decide to halt the process. Together with the parties, it is investigated if the dispute is suitable for mediation. If this is the case, the mediator will uncover all the matters that have a bearing on the conflict. During individual or joint sessions.


Rembt’s approach is characterized by a sense of security, trust and respect. Rembt employs a transparent approach and guides parties intensively in finding their solution. If you have any questions about Rembt tcm coaching, please contact me.



Rembt Sickinghe
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